Our trained drivers deliver hot nutritional meals five days a week along with frozen meals ready for reheating over the weekend. Our drivers also provide daily wellness checks, making sure that our clients are safe, alert & cared for. This service provides peace of mind not only to our clients, but also to their families. Sometimes our drivers are the only human contact our clients may receive in any given day. For questions on how to attain Meals On Wheels please email or call.


"Meals on Wheels guarantees that I get a meal each day. As an amputee, it is difficult to get around in the kitchen and make myself a nutritious meal. It is my savior"

​-Pat Westerman

"Meals on Wheels means that I get a good, balanced meal each day. My health is declining, and it's nice to see a smiling face delivering my meals. It is a God send!"

​-Mickey Hatt

"Meals on Wheels means a great deal to me. I'm from the "old-school", so I didn't learn to cook. Meals on Wheels is my breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Without it I wouldn't eat. I love to see the friendly faces that deliver everyday..."

-Darryl Runyon